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What can we do for latin executives?

If you are looking for Latin American Coaches you have arrived to the right place ! We have spent time working alongside Corporate clients and understand what it takes for Executives to be successful working in Latin America. Whether you are a Latino looking for a Coach to help you develop your leadership skills, or to help you succeed in another country or you are an Expatriate working in Latin America we are here to offer you our best Know how and Resources.

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Our value for your company

our mission

To untap the potential of Latin American leaders and open the world for them to Act and Contribute

our values

Passion, Respect, Diversity, Authenticity, Freedom, Peace, Sustainability, Profitability, Education


our value for your company

  1. Match the right coach for the assignment
  2. Check credentials (Accreditation, interview + check successes with other clients)
  3. Do all administration and billing for you ( one place for many coaches)
  4. Mentor the Coach
  5. We know rates in all countries but will give you a bulk rate
  6. We know the coaches personally, not out of a website
  7. We care about the coach being updated in latest trends in your Industry/ business
  8. We provide standardized use of formats and/ or assessments
  9. We speak the languages ( Spanish and Portuguese) and understand the business environment in all 23 Latin countries!
  10. We are UNIQUE: Most of our coaches are Former executives with business experience and MBA’s of over 10 years


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Our international network of executive coaches and consultants brings a dynamic, strengths-focused perspective to executive leadership development. We are committed to increasing the effectiveness, endurance, and fulfillment of individual leaders and their organizations through work with senior executives, high-potential leaders, and teams. Our clients and consultants often say that it is the fact that we live our vision that makes our partnerships strong.

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